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Post 186 – Chaplain’s letter, September 2021 

The history this month includes many monumental events.  On the 2nd, Japan surrendered in 1945.  On the 11th, the twin towers fell in New York City.   Francis Scott Key wrote the words to our National anthem on the 14th day of 1814.  Our Constitution was approved on the 17th day of 1787, 11 years after we declared our independence.  On the 18th day of 1947, the Air Force became independent of the Army.    We recognize the POW/MIA on the 21st day. The V.F.W. was established on the 29th day of 1899. The Gold Star Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 30th.   

There was another monumental day, and that was when God allowed the earth to be covered with water. In the Book of Genesis (9:11), God made a covenant with Noah and his descendants.  “And I establish my covenant with you; and all flesh shall never again be cut off by the water of the flood, neither shall there again be a flood to destroy the earth.” He placed the rainbow in the sky as His promise to us.   

In 2018, North and South Carolina were reeling from flood waters that had covered much of the land.  People were looking up and wondering, why did you go back on your word, God? You must look at what His promise was, and that was not to allow a flood to destroy the earth.  What had flooded was a fraction of the earth.  Our minds cannot comprehend the pictures we saw taken by planes or drones. It seemed like the earth had been destroyed.  

We do not know what tomorrow brings.  What I would like to encourage you to consider is buying one of our $50.00 raffle tickets.  We are not holding a golf tournament. Look at it as if you were buying a U.S. bond to help rebuild following a disaster.  The proceeds will be used to help veterans and meet needs within our community.  We can provide food; or rental money for temporary quarters; a drop off container for destroyed contents; etc.  You might be the winner of one of the prizes and be able to help bless someone you know.  Call me for a ticket, 570-506-4838, or purchase one at the Post. The drawings will take place at the Post, Thanksgiving Day.  $5000.00 total prizes, only 300 tickets. Thank you and God bless. 

On September 18th, God graced me with a new bride.  Her name is Nita, and she will be by my side, physically and/or Spiritually, to minister to the needs of the Post.  


Sick call as of September 30th: none 

Taps as of September 30th: none   


Post 186 – Chaplain’s letter – August 2021 

August contained some interesting events.  On the 4th day of 1790, the U.S. Coast Guard was established.  This is one branch of our military that gets very little recognition but serves a vital role around the world. We generally think of them defending our Nation, but its mission is far reaching.  On the 7th of 1782 the Purple Heart Medal was established, and in 1964, the Vietnam War officially began.  We were involved many years before this date, but we were not allowed to fire upon the enemy without South Vietnam’s permission.  That was the rule and soldiers paid a price.  On the 14th of 1945, Japan surrender bringing about the end of WWII.  August 16th is recognized as our National Airborne Day. 

We entered the summer doldrums, or should I say we continued the summer doldrums. I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for September to get here.  Back in Pennsylvania, it was like a switch went off.  One day it was 90 degrees, and the next, it was 60 degrees.  I know we don’t experience such a dramatic change locally, but I can fantasize about cooler weather.  I know I could not have survived without air-conditioning.   How often we walk through life forgetting to thank God for the blessings we have.  Perhaps you are struggling to survive this season without air-conditioning.  Our Post has funds to help someone resolve situations like this.  All you need to do is ask.  That is what our organization is about.  Helping others.  I saw a recent article where someone was venting their frustrations about the American Legion, V.F.W., etc. as being a place for old men to hang out.  I would like to point out that everyone who is eligible is welcome to be part of any of these organizations.  We’re pleading for the next generation to come on board and help continue the good that is being done through us. Perhaps we should post the many charitable gifts that have been sent out for the needs of others.  I strongly disagree with the person who thought we do nothing but smoke cigars and drink beer. 

Today, I received an update on a very close friend who has been hospitalized for over a month.  Life is fragile, and none of us should ever take our health for granted. Are you thankful that we live in a time when our medical care is advancing rapidly?  Yes, there are illnesses and injuries that occur that man cannot reverse.  That is when our faith is put to the test to accept what we cannot understand.  God’s word says, “In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus (1st Thess. 5:18).”  That means good, bad, or indifferent.  If we do not reach an understanding of this concept, we may become bitter, angry, and frustrated.  Often it leads to debilitating depression. Go to the Lord in prayer and seek His wisdom of how to see the way through the pain and suffering that is normal when we are faced with a crisis.  In Phil. 4:6, God’s word says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”  That’s how we can be victorious and be restored.  Shalom. 


Sick Call as of August 31st: none 

Taps as of August 31st: none 

Post 186 – Chaplain’s letter – July, 2021 
This month have been filled with many historic military and patriot days. Here’s the list: July 4th, Independence Day; July 26th, Americans with disabilities Act signed; and July 27th, Korean War ended. Our Post was active as we shared in different capacities to bring honor during some of these events.   
For the sixth year, I had the privilege of offering the prayer during the American Pride March held at the Horseshoe in North Myrtle Beach. How impressive to look out from the stage and see our flag being carried by people who volunteered as they sat on the beach or near the event. What a difference from what we see in the news of people who are standing on our flag or burning it. If they only knew the story of the “Star Spangled Banner”.  The flag never hit the ground when the British were bombarding Fort Henry.  Not because the flagpole hadn’t been hit time and time again, but because men held the pole up and died doing it. To disrespect what men, women, and children have fought for is pitiful to say the least. When our politicians refuse to defend it, that’s a travesty. We face a major decision this year as to how our Country will be governed. Having served my Nation for four years, I want to see God honored and our Flag flying high.  I’m sure each of you have the same sentiments. We are truly blessed to live in a land that offers freedom.  The colors of our flag represent the following: 
1. Red - signifies hardiness and valor 
2.White - signifies purity and innocence 
3. Blue - signifies vigilance and perseverance 
I want to commend Chris Vandenberg, for stepping up to the plate and assuming responsibility for the “American Pride March” and thank George O’Neil for his 15 years at the helm. 
I have shared the significance of the American Flag.  Do you know that God’s banner (flag) flies over this land? How do we honor him? By being ready and alert for His Son’s return. 
Psalm 26:2 says: “Examine me, oh Lord, and try me; test my mind and my heart.” 
2nd Corin. 13;5 says: “Test yourselves to see if you are in the faith; examine yourselves! Or do you not recognize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you – unless indeed you fail the test?” 
God has such a better way for us to live.  He is patient, but it also says, “He will come like a thief in the night.”  That means there will be no warning of the time or place.   
Sick call as of July 31st - none 
Taps as of July 31st - none 





Post 186 – Chaplain’s letter – May  2021 

I am honored to return as your Chaplain. Some of you are aware that I lost my beautiful bride last July.  I Went back to Pennsylvania to stay with my daughter and son-in-law.  While I was there, I attended a “Grief Share” program. I want to recommend this program for anyone who has lost someone who has made an impact on their life. It does not matter how much time has passed; it is important to finally deal with the grief.  Ocean Drive Presbyterian Church offers this program quarterly.  

I want to share that I am available 24/7. My phone number is 570-506-4838 

The following was what I posted on Facebook.  Many of you have already seen it, but I want to share it with anyone who is not on my list.   

William W. Stewart 

May 28 at 6:47 PM  ·  

Shared with Your friends 

I am sure some of you wonder what do I get out of being a Chaplain? Do I get paid, do I get points, do I get my name up in lights? None of these. I do it to honor a fellow veteran for his or her service, whatever their need may be. Yes, I would go to the ends of the Earth if necessary. In my case, I trained, studied and was ordained to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I began as a Pastor of a church that Arlene and I pioneered in Delaware. God called me out and had me begin a music Ministry where for 14 years our Jazz Ensemble performed in five states, mostly outdoors. Now, I am beginning the sixth year of serving Post 186 in Little River, as their Chaplain. There may be a day when God calls you to do something for Him. Your response should be, "here am I, send me." Do not back away and tell yourself you are not prepared or you're not worthy. That is the enemy trying to keep you from doing something that will change the life of someone else. Throughout the Bible, there are those God called out who were the least and did the most. As an example, Paul had blood on his hands as he watched the slaughter of Christians, yet God made him the voice of the New Testament. You see, God can draw a straight line with a crooked stick. This Country is desperate to hear the good news. It is groaning from the pressure of those who want God to disappear. Stop thinking that there is no way to change this direction. Remember the scripture that says, "greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world". That means, satan has no authority but what we allow him to have. Take back what God gave us, the greatest Nation to ever exist. It will not happen if you are standing there wringing your hands saying woe is me. What you need to say is, whoa, it's me, step aside satan, you're no longer welcome in this great Country. I take authority over you. 




Sick call as of May 30, 2021: Peggy Massy, Aux. 

Taps as of May 30, 2021: William McGackin; Steven Smith (April 10th